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Kazu, Yamamoto, Mustang, Darc, Colonello, Lucy, Cross, Ling, and Cloud!

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Cloud's five favorite memories of Zack.

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1. That claaassic moment, when he singles him out in the lineup. "So you wanna be in SOLDIER, kid?" It just filled his chest with pride and he felt more determined than he'd ever felt in his life. Watching him make that speech was incredible.
2. Zack took him out drinking once! He was a complete lightweight, but he drank more than he'd ever managed to before anyway with Zack's retarded encouragement, and they talked about stuff they were frustrated about and cheered each other on. Zack had to nearly carry him back to the barracks and a group of women AND men tried to pick Zack up, and watching him handle it was pretty amazing. Cloud felt bad, because he got the distinct feeling Zack only turned down the girls because he was taking care of Cloud, but Zack had a way of not making him feel like a burden, or even like taking care of Cloud would be better than taking off with some random chicks. It couldn't be true, but it made Cloud feel good anyway. :( And he really appreciated it, because boy was he ever sick later.
3. Cloud was patrolling the slums one day when Zack was running a mission in the same area, and they mostly hung out that day. In order to impress a girl, Zack got too excited and started doing squats in the middle of the street while on duty, completely weirding the girl out. DETERMINED TO MAKE THIS WORK he turned on the puppy side and pleaded with her annnnd he got shot down straight out. Cloud had never seen him so turned down, and he started laughing so hard he got in trouble with his squad leader.
4. After a DASHING VICTORY on a mission, Zack got too excited, yanked Cloud right out of duty in front of his squad leader (who at this point tolerated it with a long-suffering attitude, because it's not like he can tell a SOLDIER 1st class to get lost, and Cloud always got nailed with extra duty but what can you do?), and swept him up for a bearhug. He then proceeded to regale him with tales of his mighty victory for an hour. Cloud remembers the whole thing, though mostly because he remembers the way Zack told it, full of wide gestures and flailing and dramatic poses.
5. Cloud has fuzzy, solid memories of Zack talking to him while he was poisoned - the flashes we see of him looking up at Zack while Cloud was incapable of speech or mobility are examples. All the talking helped him immensely; if he hadn't woken up to Zack dying, he would have recovered with time. The five years they spent subjected to experiments are a sort of blur, but he has a huge pile of here and there memories of the two surviving the ordeal. Zack squeezing his hand, or smiling at him through the glass, or small discussions they had before they both pretty much lost it in the last year or so. One of them goes like this: He remembers being dragged out for more tests at the same time Zack was being put back into suspension, and Zack - not exactly all there himself at the time - lashed out towards him, knocked him away from the scientists, and hovered over him protectively to the scientists' bafflement cause he was already so drugged. He had the whole place in an uproar until they finally shot up with tranquilizers powerful to knock out a marlboro, and pried Cloud out of his unconscious arms. That moment was so striking that Cloud held onto him when they pulled them apart and said his name despite not having shown any other cognitive response for months, something that had the scientists taking notes for quite a while.
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Lucy's 5 favorite things about Fairy Tail (I need to pick that up again I am so gay for Erza)

Five adorable things Darc has adopted/wants to adopt in Camp


Five phone messeges Cloud has saved

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1: HER NAKAMAAAA ;; She never feels like she doesn't belong, it is truly her home.
2: She is ALWAYS BUSY. She loves having stuff to do, and getting jobs on the bulletin board are an always HELL YEAH. The feeling she gets after actually getting paid for a job where nothing got destroyed is the best T_Tbbb
3: She secretly loves that she's made close enough friends to actually share her novel with ;; BUT ONLY THOSE SPECIAL PEOPLE SOB
5. God idk man. She fucking loves Fairy Tail. She will cut so many bitches for anyone who messes with it you don't even know. She is OWNED.

1: HIS PUPPY that he found while he was deaged.
2: An awkward young teenage gorilla that keeps getting picked on by the other gorillas because he doesn't want to beat up or raep campers, and likes petting adorable wild animals and taking care of nature. Darc has beaten up three crowds of bullies for this kid.
3: Yuta :(
4: A firebreathing duckling that wanders by his camp every once and a while. He's pretty sure it belongs to someone else and it keeps picking on his puppy, but his puppy needs to grow up strong anyway :|
5: Pyron is making friends with woodland creatures, so he like... has a group of rabbits and 2 disney deer.

1: Queen Elizabeth the 1st
2: Joan of Arc
3-4: Anne Bonney and Mary Read (at once)
5: Cleopatra.

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yaaaaaaaaaaay fic yaaaaaaaaaay

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Pyron is making friends with woodland creatures, so he like... has a group of rabbits and 2 disney deer.

. . .your rep is degenerating so fast, bro.

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re: that list? Nice.

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Five dresses Cloud would totally wear in public.

Mustang's five favorite pick up lines.

The first five campers that Yamamoto would pick for his baseball team.

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Answer: Any 5 Aeris tells him to.

ROY DOESN'T USUALLY USE LINES. That said, he's either heard these and thought they were funny, or used them with success because he's an asshole that can make lines work.
1: You must be an amazing lover. I'm a little intimidated.
2: Does this rag smell like chloroform to you? (someone used this on him. IT TOOK HIM A SECOND)
3: Are you free tonight, or will it cost me? (Note: used on an actual hooker)
4: Right away, sir. Anything else?
5: You'll have to introduce me to your husband. (She's not married. Act SHOCKED.) I should count myself lucky for discovering you in time.

1: Tsuna
2: Optimus Prime
3: Son Gohan
4: Vegeta
5: Squalo

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Five great things Cross taught Allen.

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1. How to live rich on no money.
2. What to do with 5 women in bed at once.
3. How to mask your emotions. He used poker as a conduit.
4. How to talk your way out of a situation where someone comes to you demanding money, and they leave after giving you more.
5: How to take a punch, kick, pimpslap, etc

Disclaimer: Whether or not Allen appreciates these great lessons of knowledge is entirely his failure.
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mandatory disapproval face

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Five things Roy would say to Chikusa if they ever met again with memories from That Game intact.

Five reasons Yamamoto would seriously try to kill Chikusa.

Five questions Yamamoto has for Raikou.

Five things Cloud would have done to Maleficent if she hadn't vanished on him.


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Five characters that would go well with mine (You can list like... IDK one of yours for two different ones of mine and count them as two relationships) AND WHYYY.

Give me an excuse to thread with you, Box.

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1. When he met him.
2. The first time Allen woke up from a nightmare crying.
3. One time Allen was badly injured and hit in the head (It wasn't Cross for once), and Cross had just finished kicking the shit out of whatever had messed with his student and picked Allen up. Allen was so delirious he thought he was Mana. Cross froze, and thought about holding him closer, but didn't. Later he hit him upside the head for it.
4. The first time they completely failed to save someone, and Allen was on his knees with his face in his hands in front of a makeshift grave for a homeless, nameless girl that nobody would ever remember except for them. He didn't say anything or move for an hour. Cross stood behind him, and didn't move or talk. But after one hour he turned to leave, and Allen forced himself up to follow him.
5. Allen burned his normal hand badly once when he was still pretty tiny, and looked at both of his hands for a long moment and just started crying, because they finally matched, but it hurt.

1. DIDN'T GET STRAIGHT A'S. She had high standards and knew he was a goddamn genius, what the hell's your problem boy.
2. Got into a fistfight with a customer who was harassing a working girl who was a big sister figure to him. Granted, he was in trouble for picking a fight with someone so much bigger than him (he was like, ten) and getting his ass kicked. And using really bad language. Honestly, what would people think of her if she had such a foul-mouthed bratty poor loser running around her business \o/
3. ONE TIME when he was like thirteen, some mob dudes came in and his mom had to pay them off. Roy knew they were tight at the time (he was misinterpreting the situation though) and he offered to start working to help out. She blew him off and snorted and said there wasn't any market for it so he better put the idea out of his head (YOU KNOW, TALKING OVER HIS HEAD) And he got offended and said he'd already got offers so she could stfu! And she was like WHAT. And he got bitched at for not telling her when people were being skeevy pedos at him.
4. She found out he'd been having a LOT of sex in school and gave him a huge lecture about IDing STDs and it was basically the most horrifying talk Roy had ever had.
5. When he decided he wanted to leave home for a while and pursue an apprenticeship with Master Hawkeye. It was too far from home and she didn't want him to leave. When it became apparent that if she honestly stuck to being against it that Roy would stay, she let him go. She didn't scold him when she heard he wanted to join the military, however - that, she'd been predicting for some time.

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because they finally matched

...sobbb ;_;

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Five Things You'd Like to Do with ANY of Your Characters!

Five People You Want to Thread With More.

Five Characters You Want Apped.

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Five times Colonello has made Lal smile.

Five ways Yamamoto would propose to Gokudera.

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FIVE THINGS DARC WANTS TO SAY TO KHARG BUT HE NEVER WILL BECAUSE HE'S DUMB. Alternatively/if applicable, five fantasies tiny darc might have imagined if his Dad was still alive/he knew his familyyyy
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Ah, masochism...

Five ways Cross makes Rouvelier/the people at Central's lives harder. Not that he doesn't seem to make everyone's lives harder in general, but.

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Five things Cloud really, really wishes Yuffie hadn't done.

Colonello's five favorite battles.

Mustang's five favorite girls that work for him mom.

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STEALING PIE'S IDEA: Five things Roy would say to/think about Ken if they ever met again with memories from That Game intact.