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Yamamoto Takeshi ([personal profile] dothewave) wrote2009-07-11 08:04 pm



With him, we are ~canon updating~ which means YAMAMOTO LOOKS DIFFERENT.

A) Amidst his everyday clothes, a black suit has been added. He'll wear it when he's updated and for any big events/battles that take place, or if all his clothes are mysteriously dirty :>

B) He has bandages on his face, arms, neck or basically everywhere, and will always be beat up in some way. SQUALO HAS GIVEN HIM A PERMANENT LESSON ON HIS FAAAACE! We don't know if he'll scar to match his 10yl self, and he'll probably heal by the end of the arc like that time he regrew his eye. But considering Squalo is in camp, there is basically no reason for Yamamoto to ever have time to heal between beatings, unless Squalo gets distracted for a while and stops whaling on him, or Yamamoto runs into a healer. SO UNTIL HE'S A GOOD ENOUGH SWORDSMAN TO AVOID LOOKING LIKE A BATTERED HOUSEWIFE ALL THE TIME... he looks like a battered housewife all the time.

Just assume this applies to all icons from now on. :|b

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