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Character Name: Yamamoto Takeshi
Canon: Katekyo Hitman Reborn
AU/OC/Previous Game: MARK AS AU. Sabra la Tau AND CFUD, but not really, for both. I SHALL EXPLAIN.
Age: 17
Appearance: Japanese! Boyish, athletic and charming, with ~golden eyes~ and short black hair. He isn't full grown, but he was getting there. He is in general roughed up from a life as a close-quarters hitman.
Cause of Death: Tortured to death in a mafia war.
Impact of Death: It is going to take some time for Yamamoto to be convinced he is actually dead, and isn't trapped in an elaborate extended Mist illusion complete with entire characters with made-up relationships with each other and himself in order to psych him out. Mist users are getting pretty advanced, you know! I really need to wake up, Chrome is waiting for me!... Of course, as he realizes he is truly dead (it will be a SUSPICION and certain characters may speed this up tremendously), he's going to be upset, but Yamamoto is nothing if not steadfast. As long as he is given a purpose and something to drive towards, he will be chipper. He won't ever think about returning because frankly if he was killed there's no point in him returning; he failed the only thing he's good at other than baseball. =') (Plus, Vongola are here, so he will be perfectly happy to stalk any and all Vongola who show up)

Character Info:

Yamamoto has all the ingredients of the most popular boy around. He's hot, athletic, genuinely friendly to everyone, loves his dad, loves kids, and helps out around the neighborhood. High caliber in all categories but brains, he attracts the attention of Reborn - a baby in a crisp suit and fedora - and is scouted to join the Vongola mafia family, currently headed by the least popular loser around, Sawada Tsunayoshi. Yamamoto happily joins - no harm in playing along with such a funny kid, plus he loves Tsuna! And he finds himself quickly having a blast. When live gunfire, bombs, corpses, and dudes who can change their body types by switching out their teeth enter the fray, well, that just makes things interesting! Special effects really are amazing these days. Best game ever! :D!

It takes MONTHS with no shortage of bloody, mangled clue-by-fours bashing themselves into Yamamoto's face for Yamamoto to realize that in this "mafia game" he has joined, he and his friends can get seriously injured - and it takes even more time for him to realize people can die, and that he himself is capable of killing others with the very real sword in his hands. One can hardly blame him for not spotting his own universe's crack at face value, but once he is shattering cement with spiked baseballs and laughing that it must be Styrofoam props, it is RIDICULOUS, and he is RIDICULOUS. His obsessively honed athletic prowess, quick wit on the battlefield, and sheer universe crack make him more than capable of holding his own in real combat while oblivious that it is real combat. Once he KNOWS, and applies himself accordingly, he is a force his opponents recognize by name. Through tutelage of his father, his rival, and Reborn himself, he becomes the successor of an assassin's blade - though he remains steadfast in his basic kindness towards others and uses the back of his blade despite pressure from his respected mentors, and a foreboding sense of inevitability.

Though generally non-confrontational and laid back enough to laugh at endless streams of death threats, he has a prideful, competitive adrenaline junkie side that needs a personal challenge to feel alive. The more challenged he is, the more immersed he becomes, and his friends being involved only cements his loyalty. Yamamoto pursues becoming Vongola's sworsdman so completely that he accepts goring, murder and death as part of the "game" he is willingly playing, getting more and more excited and pulled in as the danger increases all the while. He slowly accepts certain fantastical truths, such as Reborn is a baby that can mop the floor with him, and also, he can shoot blue fire from his body into magical jet swords to propel himself through the air and airborn-sword-fight a crazed skeleton who uses slugs as weapons. Is that REALLY BETTER than just realizing he's in the fuckin' mafia?

Yamamoto's powers revolve around a category of people that are defined by constants. As he grows, Yamamoto is steadfastly reliable, and so fearless it takes the likes of explicit brutal slaughter via shark, or a friend being straight-up tortured in front of him, to shake him. His grades are awful and he seems to be missing the wires connected to normal human fear, logic, and appropriate bonding experiences - for example, his consistent reaction to people nearly murdering him is to ADORE them - but socially, Yamamoto is quite sharp. He pays close attention to the people he's interested in, and uses that insight to tease, help, and advise his friends. He is the rock of his group, a steady keystone of optimism, loyalty and excitement, able to deal with even the most absurd of personalities with a smile and a laugh.

Old Game Info:

He has technically experienced Camp Fuck You Die, but upon return to his own world, ~amnesia struck~. The whole thing has been slotted as a massive crack Reborn arc that was literally forgotten at the end. He will feel vaguely nostalgic seeing certain people's faces and may possibly pursue stronger pings to jog memories over time, but mostly because I don't remember 95% of Camp relationships and also THIS IS HOW REBORN TREATS ITS PLOT ARCS it's irrelevant save to ping him toward unique old CR, such as Zexion or the Kogarasumaru vs Vongola rivalry.

As for Sabra la Tau, this Yamamoto is being apped from that game's universe - but the trick is, he never went himself. Gokudera disappeared towards the end of the future arc, and Mukuro, Tsuna, and Ryohei disappeared shortly after their return to their own time. With no Tsuna to be a jesus, the following confrontation with underdog family that appears full of misinformation and designs for revenge against the Vongola - Kozato Enma's arc - is a complete and total clusterfuck. Varia steps in and takes the fuck over in the mess, and while Enma's family inevitably stands down just the same when their vengeance is revealed to be baseless, they suffer casualties. Their suffering is the kickoff of how well a shounen world manages WITHOUT its shounen hero. From then on, news of Varia's hostile takeover - and thus the disappearance of the 10th Boss - spreads like wildfire, and everyone wants a piece of the Vongola while they are missing so many guardians and the Tenth himself.

Unfortunately for them, the remaining guardians include Hibari, a Chrome who must support herself without Mukuro, and Yamamoto Takeshi. And they are all more than willing to hold their turf.

Yamamoto has steadfastly devoted himself to upholding Vongola while loyally awaiting Tsuna and the others, protecting the place they have to return to and working to find them. Because the situation is desperate, and because his primary influences shift to the likes of Reborn and Squalo, he becomes a much more brutal assassin; though he still prefers to find a way to end conflicts without bloodshed, not just because that's what Tsuna would want but because it's what he himself wants, he will not hesitate to turn his sword over. With this as an overlay to his still very upbeat disposition, this can be a bit unsettling~ With the Vongola Guardian core so small, and Varia in charge, Yamamoto and Chrome join the Varia - or rather, force their way into their living room and don't leave to the point where they are de facto Varia - in their efforts to remain involved and powerful within the Vongola network. Needless to say, as quirky total losers, they come to fit in.

For how this effects relationships and personality: it's hard to really tell when Yamamoto is being MORE familiar and affectionate than with the likes of Reborn and Squalo, who he's spent waay more time with (who he adores in the first place), so the main difference in how he would ACT is how he would treat Hibari and Chrome: he's much more familiar with Hibari, and he ADORES Chrome, and trusts her with his life. While Yamamoto is still very much Yamamoto, he is more temperamental, and more prone to brutal violence. However, he still holds all the values he shared with Tsuna in high regard, and he is still just a really, really good kid at heart, loyally waiting for his friends to come home and doing everything he can to keep that "home" in one piece. For as long as it takes.

After nearly eight months with no returns, even Hibari disappears, which is a blow. And then, after nearly two years, Yamamoto and Chrome are killed.

Abilities (after Powercap): Yamamoto's main nerfs are a stamina cap, power cap and a range cap. His sword style is still brutal and powerful (it is designed to be), so the flame effects are effectively stripped down. He still has his magical radar and roofie flame abilities, so here is how they are cut:

- He can't just roofie an entire area with rain flames. Manipulating anyone else's aura is limited to physical contact with them.
- His roofie powers are much slower to work. He can't simply paralyze someone else's power at all - it's more like causing Slow (or at minimum, putting someone's limb to sleep), and it only lasts for a few minutes at a time. He can sacrifice that time for more effective Slow, or broader range, but overall the more he disperses the weaker the effect, and he shouldn't ever be able to just freeze anything strong. If he's been fighting a monster A LONG TIME and stacks direct hits, he can build it up, but he'd be exhausted - in other words, he CAN shift to just pure debuff, but it drains his ability to do anything else - something he'd have to consider only if he was with someone else.
- In general, the amount of flames he can use has a low cap, and he has to be choosey. (Dull own pain, dull ally's pain, or debuff? Can't have it all anymore.)
- Kojiro can't fly away more than 20 feet before his effectiveness drops dramatically. Yamamoto can't sense life forms in the area very far and basically can't send Kojiro out as a scout. And also, even the 20 feet is still draining.

BASICALLY. Cut down to core sword skills, some water tricks, and direct-contact rain flames. It is now actually POSSIBLE for him to get tired. He is probably going to wipe himself out realizing his body has limits.

Also since after the Vongola ring is upgraded it becomes a cacophany of powers, it has been downgraded back to the Vongola ring.

Items Brought In: Vongola ring + bird box weapon

Introduce yourself in a few sentences.

Hey there! My name is Yamamoto Takeshi. I like baseball and swordsmanship, and I lived with my dad in our sushi shop, Take Sushi. It's a shame you can't visit, it's really good! Anyway, it's nice to meet you~ ♪

Describe yourself physically.

I'm pretty tall, ha ha! And I keep my body in top shape, and I make sure to eat well. That kind of thing is important when you get into as much excitement as I do.

What was your childhood like?

Pretty great! Man, what a carefree time. Though that's a dangerous question around my dad, he'd go on for hours. At least he doesn't whip out all the little league photos so often anymore.

Who is most important to you, and why?

Hmm... that's a tough call. Tsuna is my best friend, and he's the most incredible guy I've ever met. He really brings everyone together, you know? He saved my life back when we met, and I guess you could say he totally changed my life in the process, ha ha! But I don't want to be an ungrateful son, either. I mean, he's my dad! That's enough of an explanation, right? He gets a mention here.

What's your biggest pet peeve?

Pet peeve, huh? That's kinda difficult... I can't say that I have one! Not that I don't get mad or annoyed sometimes. I guess you could say I don't like being underestimated, but on the other hand, it's satisfying to turn the game around. So that's tough! Hmm... okay, I got one: having juuust too little of an ingredient for a recipe, so you have to go buy more of that single ingredient even though you had enough for everything else. That's the worst.

Do you consider yourself an optimist or a pessimist? Why?

Optimist, definitely. I'm well known for my energy, you know! I guess I just don't now how to give up. You'll never know what's possible unless you keep at it.

Where, or how, did you learn your most important skills?

I've been playing baseball since I was little, and I got into swordsmanship in middle school. There was a big conflict in the mafia game my friends and I play, and in order to survive Squalo - that's a good friend of mine, ha ha! - I had to get serious about swordsmanship. I knew my dad was big into Kendo when he was younger, so I asked him to teach me. Talk about a surprise when he kicked my ass all over the mat. He passed down his invincible Shigure Souen Style to me. From there I've had a lot of teachers - I have to stay sharp, or the kid and Squalo will really let me have it.

It really is flawless, that style... I only regret not living up to it, with an imperfect record myself.

Do you think world peace is possible?

Classic question, huh? Sure I do. You just have to put the right people in charge, right? Well, it's a little grand for him, but I bet if a person like Tsuna was in charge, it wouldn't be a problem.

Do you tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict?

I prefer to keep things friendly! If there's a problem, I don't mind working it out, but I'd rather not fight about it.

What turns you on the most?

Whoa, that's a personal question, ha ha! I guess you could say I like a challenge~ ♪

Anything else you'd like to say?

Well, you should tell me about yourself, too! We're going to be spending a lot of time together from now on, right? So what about you, what's your name?