Aug. 12th, 2008

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In light of the fight that Yamamoto just had versus Genkishi, which involved a LOT of Squalo, being mentored by Squalo and thinking Squalo is awesome. Once I was done laughing and crying at Yamamoto's birdlike defeat against a wall (...well okay, not DONE, but I can take a break), and had finished playing out the big match with Morrolan, I reread that fight AND reread the fight against Squalo.

Yamamoto is one of those characters where the way he learns and the rate at which he improves can be pretty understated because it's such a given. It took me three looks to realize just how much he had altered his fighting style after Reborn's training and Squalo's tapes. Because it looks very much the same as before, plus a few new techniques! But the way he uses them now is very second nature; there's no choppiness anymore for example. Not only does he know his sword down to the smallest weight difference, but he knows his techniques so well that he can use defenses as attacks, split up different forms into parts, combine them into something totally new. And he fights with his swallow so consistently I didn't even notice it half the time. He did a completely legit kage bunshin!

This is a few people's faults, but MOSTLY it's thanks to his dad, and thanks to Squalo. Now more than ever, Squalo is Yamamoto's pull into the mafia on a deeper level, something that's just for him (swordsmanship, rivalry, dealing with the darker elements of the mafia like turning that sword around someday) instead of for his family, which is the reason he does everything else. It stacks onto his already huge reliability to his family and his decision to stick by Tsuna and his friends, adding a more personal drive that gets closer to an "it's not a game" vibe more consistently than anything else. Squalo is Yamamoto's gateway drug, if you will.

BUT THIS IS ALL VERY COMPLICATED. So here are Yamamoto's thoughts on Squalo!

Squalo!!!1! )


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