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State of the Union/Drop meme



Love And Keep Forevers

Yuusuke, Kazu, Yamamoto, Darc, Roy

No Drop In Sight

Cloud, Ling


Colonello, Natalia, Shinji, Raiden

EXPLANATIONS. Roy and I saw other people for a while and it was a very good relationship move. Now I have him again and he's smart and powerful and sexy and kyaaa. I've been waiting to app Darc since the game started, now that he's mine he's mine for fucking ever. Yuusuke's my spirit animal. The only way I could ever even drop Yama is if Gokudera and Tsuna dropped, and if he still has Mana, Squalo, Haru, and like twelve other people he loves, even that's dubious. And for all my insecurities with Kazu, he's my baby \o/

Ling is new! Ling is fun and different, and kinda strange to play, but FUN to play. I haven't pulled him out like I intended, but I've been doing well in school, so fair trade. Cloud I. ADORE. And I can't believe I play such a quiet guy so often. But if Aeris, Zidane and Yuffie dropped, it wouldn't be unthinkable.

The rest I all like to play, but I don't that often. Colonello's the least droppable because he's a goddamn mafia baby so if I don't have to, why would I. Raiden I apped knowing he'd be droppable because it's Raiden and nobody can love him forever. Shinji is fun! And has the best username! But I rarely bring him out. And Natalia is wonderful, and JUST GOT A NEW ANIME so I'll keep her a while, but ditto.



IC: Yuusuke getting married was permanent insurance of his happiness for the rest of his life. ALWAYS BORED. ALWAYS RESTLESS. He honestly needs to cause some huge ruckus soon or he's gonna flip out and fake turning evil to get under Ishida's britches or something.

OOC: I don't even think about Yuusuke, man. I need to re-read his canon to make sure I'm not playing an OC after three and a half years, but I'm pretty sure my ma would have killed me for it if I was.

Plans: GODZILLAFICATION. Train/Maim Ari. Save a shouta or loli from danger. Get beat up by pie's character. Redo his icons when I reread his canon. Ask Zuko how the hell she made Keiko's anime icons so pretty :(


IC: He is training very heavily every day, and always has bruises and scratches and burns and scuffs. He's accepted the Flame Road as his own. Ikki has accepted him too, which means he's MUCH happier and amazed and dumbfounded and it's like an impenetrable ceiling has shattered in his world. As long as he has Ikki, he's not in danger of being an emo bitch. But the regalia still really makes him act up, so he's pretty down right now. He's very attached to Spitfire and Aeon (in completely different ways), and they both molest him, which. He is fine with. Even though he still doesn't really get why when it comes to Spitfire because he has noooo sense of self.

OOC: Lol. Rrruuutt. I have. A lot of problems with Kazu at the moment. I haven't done a lot to fix it, which only makes it worse, but. Kazu has changed a lot from the simple A-T loving street punk he once was. He still has that very true joy and retardation, but the death of three people changed him, and losing the regalia even after Spitfire believed in him has been a lot of weight. So he's... heavier. Quieter? And I don't think he's fun to play with because he's much more serious than he used to be, unless he's in the middle of spazzy group antics which are few and far between. I get really paranoid about it, all his threads are very slow... He's honestly turning into the background character he is that only butterflies every once and a while, which is fine, but at the same time it's been really disheartening and I wonder if I'm too stuck in a certain mentality. I feel like he's a very high-energy character, and I'm not keeping up the proper amount of energy and when I bring him out that's really obvious so he's just boring. I do want to be better so I can thread better. I just feel like I'm so bad at them and threading with him is considered a waste of time. And the more people ask to thread (PARADOX), the worse it gets, and the worse THAT gets the more likely it is that people will give up on asking and then I will be a fool, a fool in my tuxedo of shame ETC ETC I am so sorry guys I'll be a better Kazu ;;

Plans: Kick Ikki out of the damn treehouse, train more with mentors, thread with Gorgon and Ine, de-age with Ringo, read his canon, get out of damn rut


IC: 8DDDDD o man awesome stuff. Gokudera went on hiatus, so Yama has lost the tsuntsun to his deredere. He'd be less affected if he wasn't so adapted by now to staying closely-knit as a Family, especially with the Millefiore here. So, he's worried! But he also knows better, and he doesn't have a bad feeling, so he's not too worried. . . he just looks for him every day, especially ever since 5 days passed. ._.

Apart from having a super fun post of bothering lots of people who he thinks are ALL INTERESTING |D, Yama just got MAULED and had an actual scare. First he fought Squalo, which was amazing and he won and he felt incredible afterwards, if in a lot of pain. HE LOVES THAT CRAZY SHARK. But on his way back to the cave he met Mukuro, who took advantage of how wounded he was. As soon as he saw Mukuro, Yama was as close as he gets to being in a state of emergency. Mukuro gave him a killing blow, and he was saved by Zexion just in time. And that. Rattled him. Gokudera was away; how horrible would it be for him to come back and learn Yamamoto had been killed? And Tsuna would be unguarded from Mukuro or Byakuran. He wouldn't be able to do anything to protect either of them, or change the future. He'd fail Tsuna, and fail his dad. He'd make Haru cry, Squalo would be disappointed. It is not a good feeling. He's getting it out of his system and more determined than ever to keep steady and see everyone through this thang, but the aftermath of this really hit him, and he was really scared.

But at the same time it's a nice indicator of how far he's come from thinking he only has one worth (how good he is at baseball). He has so much he believes he can do, himself, as a Vongola guardian. He wants to save the future. He wants to be with Tsuna! He wants to be there for Gokudera cuz Gokudera's retarded and needs someone there who can put up with him. He's living for his friends now :(

Wow that's long COULD HE BE MY FAVORITE??? No because I play Darc

OOC: Playing Yama makes me love everything about everyone because Yama does. He's SO CUTE. I love ALL of his threads and I love that half his friends think he's a completely normal nice boy and the other half think he's fucking metal. I am in an awesome place with him! I still love his canon, but it's funny cuz I sort of think of Reborn as like 5 different canons. Which is fine with me cuz my character is in all of them 8D OH AND I should reread the crack arc, I love that fucking arc. The reason Yamamoto is SO PERFECT KYAA~ is because he's normal, sexy, a rapist, AND full of crack. 8D

Plans: Maul Yama so I can use the eyepatch IC again! Start jumping basically everyone he threaded with in his post, especially while he has the eyepatch. BOTHER KOKUYOU MOAR. Have a babysitting post! Age up again! Have more sex with Squalo! HUG PILE!


IC: DARC IS SO FRUSTRATED but it's an internal frustration because he's more zen than he's been in a long time, and that's ALARMING. He SHOULDN'T BE. I'm still forcing him to stay near the human encampment, mostly because otherwise he just. Won't live there. HE LIVES IN THE WILDS WITH GORILLAS IN CANON, so-to-speak (he lives in the Random Encounter world) so it would be like a normal person choosing to live out in the wilds instead of a cabin. NOT ALLOWED. But he has more freedom, he can wander into the woods now :Db but he has to be back at a curfew ohoho.

Anyway! The humans Darc likes are All Exceptions To The Rule. Darc hates humans, a lot. But other than his knee-jerk reaction, he's at the point where he'll judge them based on, well. Who they are. If it's a good human, he'll relent. If it's a bad one, OF COURSE IT IS, FUCKING HUMANS. The big thing here though is, he's starting to lose his knee-jerk reaction, and just fall on a default Very Guarded mode (which is normal anyway). He's justifying it as getting used to the messed up location, but really it's just because he's not as big an idiot as his brother. He's worried about leaving his men alone back home (mostly cuz they've probably taken over by now), but he's not THAT worried, he'll just claim it all back. He honestly regards camp as a great place. Humans and Deimos living together :( HE THINKS PLENTY OF IT IS CORRUPT especially from hearing about the fuckers that like to hurt Yuta. But overall, he wants it to last. He doesn't believe it will, because humans fuck up everything. But he wants it to. :(

Anyway HIS BROTHER MAKES HIM SO MAD!!! and he accidentally told him something personal-ish and hopes he didn't notice/forgot >| And he has too many adorable tiny friends. he needs more And he's very weirded out by the Must Tell The Truth incident because he said power wasn't the most important thing to him ever. HE STILL IS CONFUSED.

OOC: I love Darc so much sob he's amazing and angry and I should be more concerned about just being a dick to everyone he threads with but I'm not cuz that's who he is. If he's not a dick I feel weird though, and I wonder if I'm keeping him from his rightful development in the name of that. I don't think so though, he's going at a good pace.

Plans: Yell at Kharg moar, Halloween stuff with Yuta, meet more humans, meet more humans that actually hate monsters, lead a siege, write headcanon list of all the shit the Random Encounter monsters do, De-age with and without Kharg


IC: ...I forget what he was doing before CFUW. UH. I assume he was flirting with your over-18 female character. Or being badass. Because that's what Roy Mustang does. Anyway HE JUST HAD THE CRAZIEST DREAM!! and he's going to be keeping an eye out for Rabi, on the side of their usual interaction. He's starting to have less of a knee-jerk reaction when Ticky's around! And he's starting to really settle in again. He missed Excel and Ash :| and this time around, he's halfway bitchy and restless and stuck at this damn camp when he's got shit to do, and half viewing camp as a social undertaking. It keeps him occupied at least. He thinks Jomy is hilarious.


Plans: Uhh comment moar NOT POSTS posts too big to gain intimate connections, thread with Robert moar, strip poker with Jack and Rabi, etc


IC: Cloud's happier than he's ever been in canon :Db He has his party and Yuffie is boosting his requisite energy levels and he actually didn't mind being genderswitched, it was way better than wearing a dress. :| So yeah he just tends the chocobos and miniquests a lot. And gets as close to sex as they can with Zack every once and a while.

OOC: Wow I forgot to do this. This is a sign of my zen with Cloud. I love him he's so cute 8( I will stand by you as my favorite FF hero Cloud even if it makes me a tool.

Plans: BACKTRACK AND DO GENDERSWITCH STUFF WITH AERIS. Hell, just genderswitch him again, his life is unfair like that. Ummm I forget what else. Make sure the fight with Delita's over lol. Harass Tifa. Make out with Zack so Yuffie can interrupt. Deage to nubile Cloud.


IC: THIS FOREIGN COUNTRY IS SO STRANGE [TOPS GREED] this is a copout but I haven't played him enough :| IT'S ALL FIRST IMPRESSIONS and I don't feel like essaying on canon.

OOC: Need to play him moar. I love him so much sob. I LOVE BEING IN A BODYSHARE

Plans: Unconscious post, Make people feed him, hit on chicks, find someone burly to hit on, ninja something, thread with Ed about plot, thread with Ed just to bother him, freak people who can sense things the fuck out


IC: You could never do an accurate writeup with a puny IC section like this!! No, Colonello's chill, he beats up campers and trains his student and sits on his bony diseased girlfriend. Occasionally attacks Reborn or bothers Viper.

OOC: . . .It's a baby. God I hope we get more canon for the arco soon. The last bit of canon information was so amazing I nearly had a seizure, WHAT WILL WE LEARN NEXT?

Plans: ...beat up more kids


IC: Nat is chill. She hangs in the library and learns about this world most of the time, and runs around healing people and making sure nobody is being neglected or mistreated i.e. making sure camp doesn't have any hobos :( Basically IF SHE CAN'T TAKE CARE OF HER COUNTRY she's taking care of camp.

OOC: I was so determined to drop Nat, and then she got an anime. FUCK YOU ANIME, DON'T REMIND ME HOW MUCH I LOVE NAT

Plans: Healing post, thread with castmates, something with the leather catsuit.


IC: Still terrified of everything ever

OOC: GONNA DROP SHINJI SOooonnn I love him, I love his canon, I love his icons, I love playing him, and I am so horrified that I am not going to have [ profile] congratulations on my widget. But god damn it I have too many characters.

Plans: Get emasculated by Asuka


I like how Raiden is getting the sloppy halfassed finale

IC: cranky and alone

OOC: ...I need to finish keywording his icons.

Plans: Be an alcoholic, meta myself, thread with Washu, turn into cyborg raichu, be in more pain, get raped by Emma, have an empty room like my soul, naked post, and, after all of that is established, age up. Then when aged down, make sure someone tells him he's a head and spine. Be an alcoholic more.

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