dothewave: ? what (You're - "The shit!")
Yamamoto Takeshi ([personal profile] dothewave) wrote2008-11-29 03:47 am


[Cloud, Mustang, Yamamoto, Kazu, Colonello, and Darc (And also Harley's party 8|b) are doing a miniquest together in the Caves of Despair - they possibly told you they were headed there! It's pretty routine anywa-- WHOA THAT WAS A HUGE EARTHQUAKE AND A VERY HUGE CAVE-IN, I DON'T THINK WE CAN GET OUT THE WAY WE CAME IN]

((...yea I'm only around for like 50 minutes but I feel like being gay with Dera so. IF ANYONE ELSE WANTS TO TAKE NOTICE SO THEY KNOW WHAT'S UP FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS, HERE WE ARE 8|b


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