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CHRISTMAS LISTS that I will finish after I SAVE CHRISTMAS, bbl have to go on a quest


Tsuna - A T-shirt, bracelet, and a very cool belt with keychains looped together haphazardly on one side, with this pendant hanging on the chains (it's removable). And a DATE that he'll probably call a date.
Gokudera - A replacement cross, where the crest charm has been replaced with a Pa Kua coin ("for protection and to increase harmony in your life/ meant to bring forth divine powers and dispel evil spirits around you. For those who believe they suffer from bad feng shui, or those having to face their inauspicious directions."). Second, a hamsa necklace on a silver chain. Third, earrings, in this style, only silver with a skull pendant and studs instead of cuffs. He's not sure you can wear them but they were cool and he thought of you :( And a DATE that he won't call a date.
Haru - Clothes~ this shirt, this skirt with black leggings, and this hat. And a DATE that he'll definitely call a date. |D

Gokudera, Haru, and himself also have the same pendant as Tsuna - Haru's is a necklace, Gokudera's and Yamamoto's are keychains. IN CASE YOU DIDN'T NOTICE YOU'RE GETTING MORE THIS YEAR, YAMAMOTO IS APPARENTLY THE TYPE TO SPOIL HIS DATES ON HOLIDAYS

Reborn - A little eyepatch and pirate hat, and a good sushi dinner.
Lambo - a marshmallow bazooka.
Ryohei - a little boxing glove keychain in camo pattern.
Fuura - this necklace and Christmas cookies. |D
Zexion - Yamamoto's freshly cleaning the cave and the yard thoroughly! He also gets a tea strainer, and a card that says: "Thank you for everything you've done for us. You've really become a part of the family! Even if we part ways for a while, we'll always think of you, you know? Even if you don't think you're suited for the feelings we have for you, or if you think we think too much of you... I think we have plenty members that are just as bad as you, ha ha ha! But anyway, I owe you my life, and I owe you for saving Gokudera's. Let me know if you ever need anything. And Merry Christmas!"
Haine - happy bullet necklace |D
Ikki - this T-shirt, and a card with a note - "Thanks for being a good friend. Let's have a match soon! Merry Christmas!"
Yayoi - this necklace. The note reads: "You're always tapping your fingers or counting, so somehow I thought something like this might suit you. Merry Christmas!"
Akito/Agito - Bandages. :|b
Emiri - knit beanie.
Simca - a bracelet.
Nita - a basket of Christmas cookies and a bouquet of hyacinth.
Squalo - A diced sushi boat that consists of nothing but the fish.
Morrolan - also gets a sushi boat except it actually is finished sushi. Note: "I don't know if you have sushi in your world, but this is what I make in the restaurant my dad and I live in! Merry Christmas."
Riku - home baked Christmas cookies with a merry Christmas note.
Kaiji - home baked Christmas cookies with a merry Christmas note.
Yuki - Yama is making him dinner |D
Ichijou-san - the orange one.
Mana - Rings~ and a sushi dinner.
Gourry - A card with a note! "Merry Christmas, Gourry-san! I guess this is an invitation! I need to improve my speed-cutting sushi technique while I'm here, but it makes a lot of sushi and I don't like wasting food. So I was wondering if you wanted to come and eat what I make? Your friend Lina can come too!"
Soi Fong - Flowers and cookies. "Merry Christmas!"
Yuuko - You get two packages! One is from Yamamoto - a cute basket of Christmas cookies that's been neatly wrapped. The second is this ring inside an ornate box. The note on the cookies reads: "Dear Yuuko-san, I hope you like chocolate! I'm passing along a package for you that was left on my bed - It's addressed to you, so I haven't opened it! Merry Christmas." The second note, which is inside the paper attached to the ring's box, reads in slightly nicer (but the same) handwriting: "Dear Yuuko-san, sorry I couldn't give this to you in person - though I guess I will be! I thought this suited you. Merry Christmas. --Yamamoto Takeshi"
Ty Lee - Mistletoe charm earrings with a note - "For where we keep running into each other!"
Mukuro/Chrome - Yin Yang necklace that splits up in two pieces (two necklaces), like those friendship necklaces.
Chrome - a pineapple plushie.
Chiri - Christmas cookies in a very neatly wrapped basket with a properly addressed note - "Merry Christmas! I hope you're settling in well!"
Brenda, Harley, Ted, and Harry - christmas cookies! Harry's card also says "Get well soon!"

Everyone living in the cave gets dinner made for them!


Havoc - complaining that a woman would be much easier to shop for, a standard-issue flint and steel set since your lighters are only so useful :E, annnd. A very classy (durable) watch.
Ash - treats for Pikachu.
Excel -
Hughes - Left on his pillow, unwrapped, is the stopwatch Hughes had during the war. Roy's kept it, and it's in good working condition save for the telltale crack in the glass. There's a note: "No matter how much I might try to be ready to accept you're gone again, with you in front of me it's impossible. So just support me again. And don't go too easy on me. --Roy"
Mal -
Elric brothers - You share this year - it's a handwritten alchemy book, Roy's handwriting but it's clearly been copied from someone else's book since it's not Roy's code. It's written like a series of letters between three siblings.
Winry - A bouquet of flowers~
Robert -
Argilla - A bouquet of flowers, and a bound stack of National Geographic magazines.
Jinana - A bouquet of flowers.
Roland -
Ari -
Rabi - A leatherbound journal written like a little black book/datebook. The note reads, "This is a rare copy of one of my alchemy journals, a good example of a valuable book in my world. How are you at codes? For that matter, I wonder how much is code and how much are actual events?"
Shigure -
Dee -
Umeda -
Peter -
Ogiue - a bouquet of flowers.
Mrs. Curtis -
George - a bouquet of flowers.
Allen -


Aeris - A date :( And a bouquet of flowers he secretly grew himself: globe amaranth, bellflowers, and lavender roses. They're not as incredibly healthy as Aeris' always are, but they have clearly been loved.
Yuffie - New pinwheels with good attack stats that, more importantly, have triple materia skillup stats.
Barret - a new belt (defense against paralysis, slow, silence, death, and XXX).
Vincent - A phone charm, of a stylized claw.
Zidane - Two cell phones, pre-programmed each other's numbers, and one has Cloud's in it. There's two notes, one with simple instructions (Use directional keys to select, Press O to dial), while the other reads: "I don't think you have these in your world, since if you did, you'd definitely have one. Maybe you can give one to an engineer to figure out. In the meantime, they work here. Give one to Dagger. You can call each other whenever you're split up in camp. --Cloud"
PS: Be careful not to give your number to Yuffie, unless you want a lot of junk mail."
Rikku - Materia that didn't quite fit into any materia slots. (Dress Sphere - SOLDIER 1st Class.)
Yayoi - A bouquet of flowers (pink roses and red lilies), and a "sense" materia that lets her read the stats of enemies.
Namine - A bouquet of flowers (acanthus, snowdrop, and rosemary), and watercolors.
Kairi - For her keyblade, a white materia add-on that acts as a regen spell in addition to increasing her magic capacity by a hell of a lot.
Roxas - A photo book. There's a note - "It's a little awkward giving you this when we haven't really met properly, but. . . Merry Christmas just the same."
Sora - For his keyblade, a chocobo add-on that doubles his running/gliding speed on the field.
Himawari - A big bouquet of flowers, and this.
Toph - (he'll find you and give it to you in person to explain!) A ring that protects you from water damage.
Shirley - A shimmering turquoise bracelet that protects you from ice damage: "Thank you for your help during the blizzard. --Cloud"
Mokona - A bouquet of flowers (Tickseed).


Ikki -
Emiri -
Agito/Akito - Hat!
Onigiri -
Buccha - new headphones.
Yayoi - a cuckoo clock necklace.
Ringo -
Aeon - a fruit powered clock.
Spitfire - this USB stick.
Mimasaka -
Makigai-sensei - A necklace.
Kakeru -
Ed - Replacement wheels and other A-T parts for regular maintenance.
Umeda -
Chiaki -


Reborn - Grinch cosplay.
Viper - A Russian nesting doll painted crudely like the Varia in order of size (Gola Mosca -> Levi -> Lussuria -> Xanxus -> Squalo -> Bel -> Viper). Inside the Viper is all the useless spare change he got from his last time in Japan, all 1, 5, and 10 yen coins. It adds up to 68 yen.
Lal - Chocolate and cookies and flowers :) ...Inside the flowers is a very cool add-on for her visor that soups it up to Iron Man proportions that he may or may not have swiped from the military, and a simple silver ring.
Ryohei - Good brass knuckles with a note - "Experiment with your sun energy, hey!"
Nana - A music box that plays Guns n Roses' "Sweet Child o' Mine."
Chizu-nee - flowers and chocolates |D


Allen - A leather bound, completely illegal book on sorcery that may or may not be dangerous to own and/or evidence for a crime. It looks handwritten (in Cross' handwriting), and seems like it could be partially written in code upon closer inspection. There's a note - "Keep this hidden, brat. Let the Inspector junior see it and I'll kill you myself. Figure it out and I might be impressed."
Yuuko - A bottle of very nice wine, and payment: Innocence.
Chizu-nee - A beautiful bouquet of flowers
Rinali - Also gets flowers, though he hasn't talked to her yet :( And a pair of simple, small butterfly hairclips.
Bookman junior - gets a mostly-burned contact letter. Nearly all writing is illegible because the ink has been smeared, except for:

"Mana, but if they fi--
reverse your--
"Musician, but--"
"If you're not ready the--
what'll happen if--
face up--"

You can probably make out a few "Earl"s and "Ark" and "Fourteenth" in there too. But you can squint all you want, that's all you can make out. :)

Earl - Gets a book on the dangers of being morbidly obese, a collection of stories of people and their struggles living with the handicaps that come with it.

Darc doesn't get anyone anything because Christmas is a human holiday and Deimos don't believe in Santa :\

Ling Still isn't sure what Christmas is and Greed won't let him give anything anyway |D HE'LL TOUCH WATANUKI A LITTLE THO and get Winry something belatedly |D

Lucy won't intro til after Christmas |D SAFE

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i-innocence as payment omg
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More creative things are your favorite currency, right?

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I'm certain it'll make a nice paperweight for someone else who trades with her.

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Son how are you saving Christmas this year.

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The guy Dad bought the PS3 from turned out to be a scammer thief, and he's gotta sort things out with paypal/credit card etc, he scammed like 5 other guys. So there was NO SANTA PRESENT. I had to make a trip around to get a PS3 and MGS4 mahself.

...Luckily BestBuy had like 5 towers of PS3s. This was not remotely as tough as the overnight camping quest to get a Wii.

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Please stop encouraging your apprentice to walk on the side of possibly-evil and questionable-darkness.
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ha ha that's a good one
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also wow, yamamoto, you are SUCH A LOVING BOYFRIEND and you spoil your girl/boyfriends rotten

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I AM A VERY LOVING BOYFRIEND see, he loves excuses to give presents, and then since he's DATING THEM!! he has an excuse to love on them MORE, and he kept seeing things that suited them so he just kept. Getting them. Instead of picking between.

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...if you ever attempt to announce that we are dating, Squalo will RUN YOU THROUGH WITH HIS SWORD


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WE'RE NOT DATING why would I do that
You just. rape me

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Squalo has no idea how your craaaazy teenage mind works outside of SWORDS.

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Dating means I actually asked you out :( YOU'RE AN ADULT FROM AN ADULT WORLD

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... My inner geek just squealed. Omigod.
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... h-happy bullet what