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Name:Yamamoto Takeshi
Birthdate:Sep 26

Interests (80):

akamaru check, athletic meets, balconies, balls, barley tea, baseball, baseball gloves, baseball practice, bath-houses, bianchi, cats, cherry blossom viewing, club activities time, curry, dad, eating with tsuna, evening in fall, fireworks displays, freshly washed towels, friends, gokudera, group circles, guitar, haru, helping out at shop, helping people, hibari, i-pin, kendo, kids on my shoulders, kyoko, lambo, last-minute home runs, mafia roleplay, milk, more baseball, mukuro, nabe in winter, new spikes, new year, ootoro, oshiruko, playing catch, playing games, playing guitar, playing with kids, pools, popsicles, rain, rainbows, riceballs, ryohei, sandals, sharks, shigure souen style, shopping, snowball fights, spending time with friends, spending time with tsuna, splitting the watermelon, sports ground, squalo!11, sushi, swallow inna box, sweet tamagoyaki, taiko drums, tanabata festival, tatami mats, temple festivals, teru teru bozu, the kid, the ocean, the rooftop, the sky after rain, training hard, trials of courage, tsuna, vongola, wataiko, yakisoba bread
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