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So I was also busy for almost all the plot |D; SO HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED:


- Got kidnapped! Camped out down there, stuck close to Gokudera and checked on people while everyone sort of waited for shit to go down. OFFSCREEN: Once shit went down, used ~water powers~ to beat shit up and fight mutants and douse fires and stuff, probably almost died and Gokudera was probably super manly to prevent that. It was all very epic. Is so Shounen Injured right now he can barely move, also he lost his eye again because that's hilarious. HOSPITALIZATION FOR A WEEK, GO


- Did not get kidnapped, fretted over Aeris for being sick. OFFSCREEN: Loaded up his split-party (Aeris, Zack, Red, Vincent, himself) with maximum kickass materia, and went to town. Murdered the shit out of cult members and mutants with everything in his arsenal, possibly with sexy party combo moves. Got split up from group, got overswamped, and KO'd. He's just fine after some Phoenix Down, but is still cutscene unconscious FOR A WEEK, GO


- Got kidnapped, got to talk to the Director, saw his first corpse, saw his first zombie revival attempt, listened super hard to all the conspiracyplot that was broadcast, and stuck to Kida's side like glue holyshit. OFFSCREEN: In the confusion of the release, he got separated from Kida. Was trapped under rubble, twisted his leg and got a dose of fire and smoke. A MYSERIOUS SWORDSMAN cut him free, and he gtfo and spent the rest of the chaos freaking out/ducking and covering/looking for Kida and Anri. He's fine, nothing major. BRIEF HOSPITALIZATION (AND YET, FOR A WEEK), GO

Gosh, plot I was too busy for was sure convenient for incapacitating all my characters.

Hiatus for finals. 8D;
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With him, we are ~canon updating~ which means YAMAMOTO LOOKS DIFFERENT.

A) Amidst his everyday clothes, a black suit has been added. He'll wear it when he's updated and for any big events/battles that take place, or if all his clothes are mysteriously dirty :>

B) He has bandages on his face, arms, neck or basically everywhere, and will always be beat up in some way. SQUALO HAS GIVEN HIM A PERMANENT LESSON ON HIS FAAAACE! We don't know if he'll scar to match his 10yl self, and he'll probably heal by the end of the arc like that time he regrew his eye. But considering Squalo is in camp, there is basically no reason for Yamamoto to ever have time to heal between beatings, unless Squalo gets distracted for a while and stops whaling on him, or Yamamoto runs into a healer. SO UNTIL HE'S A GOOD ENOUGH SWORDSMAN TO AVOID LOOKING LIKE A BATTERED HOUSEWIFE ALL THE TIME... he looks like a battered housewife all the time.

Just assume this applies to all icons from now on. :|b


Jun. 24th, 2009 11:36 pm
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Whoa, we should probably make our own one of these and not just the one with Rikuou's team so I can tell you I already put a suspicion vote so we don't double up. Just in case, right?
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THE GREATEST TRUTH about what awaits the Vongola is that the TRUE future will be exactly like the crack daily arc, but with REAL ULTIMATE MAFIA.

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Kazu, Yamamoto, Mustang, Darc, Colonello, Lucy, Cross, Ling, and Cloud!
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((Continuation of this thread))

[in a clearing not far away from the mafia cave! Yamamoto shrugs off the wrap on his shinai and changes it to a blade.]

Wanna warm up first?
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[LATER THAT NIGHT, Yamamoto is alone in the showers, UNSUSPECTING. Pushing his shirt aside and eyeing the huge bite mark on his neck.]

Aaah man, he really bit me.

((From here))
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[There is a HOT BOY outside Yuki's place to pick him up |D KNOCK KNOCK]
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CHRISTMAS LISTS that I will finish after I SAVE CHRISTMAS, bbl have to go on a quest

Was assembling names gd it 8| )
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[Cloud, Mustang, Yamamoto, Kazu, Colonello, and Darc (And also Harley's party 8|b) are doing a miniquest together in the Caves of Despair - they possibly told you they were headed there! It's pretty routine anywa-- WHOA THAT WAS A HUGE EARTHQUAKE AND A VERY HUGE CAVE-IN, I DON'T THINK WE CAN GET OUT THE WAY WE CAME IN]

((...yea I'm only around for like 50 minutes but I feel like being gay with Dera so. IF ANYONE ELSE WANTS TO TAKE NOTICE SO THEY KNOW WHAT'S UP FOR THE NEXT TWO WEEKS, HERE WE ARE 8|b

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We'll talk here now that Sasuke and Itachi can see it.
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[Yama is OUT OF BED, healed enough to be restless and may or may not be doing kata while everyone is out to see how much better he is. IT'S JUST A LITTLE KATA]
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((Continuation of this thread))

I'm not gonna run off!
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Fuck this list is long )
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